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Re: B to B & other question

In an earlier letter, Ben wrote:
> I agree with Glen. I have an 87' 4KCSQ that was built after Feb. 
> (actually it is one of the S.E.'s) and it DOES NOT have the 130hp motor. 
> The "special" parts are: blacked out door handle trim, blacked out 
> badges, "Quattro" embroidery on the seats, and it came with every 
> available option. I am, however, certain that it does not have the 130hp 
> motor. I am also the original owner, so I know that the motor has not 
> been swaped for the lesser one.
> Just FYI, Ben

Now there is something you don't hear every day:
"I own a 4K quattro with the 130hp engine, and it just has tooooo much
power.  Can I swap it with a 115hp version?  How about the 100hp from
an earlier Coupe, or even a 4-cylinder?"

Some things are just too funny...


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