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RE: Nat'l Speed Limit Repealed

>Regarding Montana's "No Speed Limit", please note --
>1)  This is "Daytime" only.
>2)  Commercial Trucks must obey 55/65 limits
>3)  Montana State Patrol indicates they will pull over
>        "unreasonable and unsafe" drivers.  This will
>        include road conditions, etc.

We used to have a similar situationin the western part of one state. While
there one some great advantages, it left the door open to abuse by the
police. They  could & did book you for careless or dangerous driving, both
of which are far more serious offences than speeding and very difficult to
defend yourself against, particularly since your likely to be the only non
police person present. You guys had better hope that the local sherrifs
doesnt have a problem with people driving foreign cars!

BTW There is no speed limit in the Northern Terrotory. It gives me great
pleasure to pull out & pass a police car doing 80mph on a 2 lane road!