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Mo' Lube Fill

> From: "Page, Alan" <PAGEA@motts.com>
> Subject: Re: Tranny Fill
> > He also says that the transaxle in
> >the 100/200 series is essentially the same as the old 5K series.  So
> >calling him back for this message was rewarding - he specified
> >overfilling by 1/2 quart, so now I know the quantity.
> I have the 5 speed in my 80Q; would it be similar to the 100/200?
> I want to change fluid for piece of mind.

Alan - I'm guilty of not being very specific - or using a misleading 
title for my message - or both.  The 1/2 quart overfill recommended 
ay Audi is for the transaxle, not the transmission.  Although I 
suspect the auto and manual use the same transaxle - or a similar 
enough unit that the overfill suggestion would be the same - I would 
REALLY appreciate comments on this from Scott, Eric and others 
who have been inside these units and are familiar with the habits 
of the manual trannies.