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So, after waxing eloquent on the joys of the 200 QTW, I have problemas! THe
rear windshield wiper has decided to become intermittently intermittent. 

When activated with a forward push of the stalk, the wiper starts and passes
a few times. 30 seconds later, it does it sweeps again. This continues until
you tap the stalk forward again. THIS IS NORMAL BEHAVIOR. 

Unfortunately, it has been sticky this past week; requiring a more
substantial push to activate (which also activates the water spray). Today,
it decided to stay on and on. I could not get it to shut off for about 15
minutes of highway driving and rapid stalk pushing. What does this mean? A
short? Anybody had this prob before? The only "new" influence is that it has
been very foggy (but not really cold) here in California.