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Re: picture of A8 - where to see it

If y'all haven't yet followed Erie's suggestion, do yourself a favor and 
check out the photos of the A8.  Just got done.  Immediate reaction: car 
looks like a big A4 from the front.  Since the pix have cars with A4 
style wheels, the resemblance is eve more striking.  In profile from the 
beltline up the A8 might be mistaken for an MB.  

A very pleasing looking car.  I would not call the styling a breakthrough 
but it certainly should stand the test of time and not be dated.  Very nice.

Thanks Eric

Bill Murin

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Eric Schumacher wrote:

> I found a bit of info on the A8 and a few pics using netscape.
> Address:  .....www.ib.be.audi/
> Eric