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Commemorative GT

Are the commemorative edition GT's really worth a whole lot more than a
"regular" GT?  Last year,  when I bought my '86 GT another dealer (Vasek
Polak Audi,  Hermosa Beach) had an '87 commemorative GT for almost twice as
much $$ than what I bought my GT for.  Of course mine had more miles, was one
year older, and didn't have the red leather interior (which I wanted SO
badly--call it bad taste) but that one was repainted and had no radio (as if
that matteres--first thing I did was replace that crappy Blaupunkt).  It was
all white (not pearl) including the wheels, spoiler, mirrors,  etc.  Still,
 I wish I had it.  Just couldn't justify that price!

Jesse Almero, Jr.
Torrance,  CA
'86 Coupe GT