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Re: PIR Quattro Club Driving School!!!

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I called IA the other day with some questions about potentially upping 
the HP on a 90 200 tq sw and he was very helpful about that and about 
recommending a mechanic up here in the Seattle area to do a buyer's inspection.
- peter

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| Subject: Re: PIR Quattro Club Driving School!!!
| Date: Tuesday, November 14, 1995 9:36PM
| > Finally got to meet Ned Ritchie.  What a neet guy.  Not at all what I
| > expected from the most famous Audi tuner and turbo expert around.  He
| > never mined once answering questions, and there were a _lot_
| I guess the trick is to ask him questions in person ... when I tried to ask
| him questions over the phone, he seemed to mind a great deal.   :^(
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