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Re: Wow!--was Re: Audi toolset

> Wow, Steve, how 'bout the fold up garage and portable air lift.  You, my man,
> are prepared to pull the engine and rebuild it on the side of the road. :-)
> I guess I haven't learned my lessons yet, I still keep all my tools in the
> garage (that way my kids can "rearrange" them when I need them the most).
... actually, I do wish there was some way I could carry a better jack!

I guess y'all have never seen a BMW toolkit.  I've never looked much at the
ones they put in their "cages" but the one that is in the bikes is pretty 
complete.  It comes in a roll-up and includes wrenches, screwdrivers and hex

I didn't think that my kit was that extreme, it all fits in a nice small 
plastic kit that I can transfer to the car that will be used for the trip 
and know that I'm prepared.  That may be the deal, this is the kit that I 
put in the car when I go for a trip ... it will be in one of the cars, but 
I don't have one set in each car.  I usually have to count on the little 
bag-o-tools that came with the car for that eventuality ...

The kit has come in handy in situations where one of the tools in the gar-
age decides to move to some unknown location.  I just have to remember to 
put it back in the kit when I'm done.  

San Jose, CA (USA)