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Idle Sta. Valve

I found a possible parts car for my Quantum here in Auburn.  It has a 
slushbox (that's trashed - the reason it hasn't moved for over 8 months) 
and the I5.  Body's trashed, interior's a mess (the sunroof is caulked 
shut).  While I was checking it out, I took a good look at the Idle 
Stabilizer Valve.  As I suspected, the VW's come with a three prong vs. 
the two prong Audi one.  My VW has an Audi valve that does absolutely 
nothing.  I pulled the VW one off this other car and put it (temporarily, 
though no one was watching and the thought DID cross my mind) on mine.  
Bingo - It worked (I heard it switch).  I've tested the Audi valve on my 
car with a 12V source and it works just fine.  Only it isn't activated by 
my three prong plug.

All that to say this.  If anybody wants/needs a good Idle Stabilizer 
Valve for a 4000/5000?, especially if you have a VW one to supply me 
with.....  I'll be happy to GIVE this thing to anyone who needs it (I'll 
even pay postage) if someone (else?) would be so kind as to send me a VW 
one that they don't need.  If you've got one laying around, please let me 
know.  I don't mind paying a little for one (<$40).

As far as tools go...  I keep my entire tool collection in a toolbox in 
the trunk + Makita 9.6V cordless drill + 15 ton floor jack.  The key is 
to get one of those tool boxes that doubles as a step (Lowe's has them - 
really wide rubber feet at base).  They don't slide around or turn over 
in your trunk, and hold my floor jack in place as well.  Even if you 
don't use it in your car, these are the best thing since cheese grits!

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart