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Re: Pagids (was: Slagmaster Q (brakes))

Next time you put new pads on, take some medium sandpaper and LIGHTLY 
sand the discs in the following way:

	Sand in a straight line across the face of the disc, tangent to 
	the edge.
            Sand ----->*********---->
		      ***** *****
		      ****   ****
		      ***** *****

Rotate the disc a little and do it again.  Rotate/repeat....  You should 
end up with more-or-less grided disc.  This will keep the pads quiet.  My 
Pagid's have a special anti-vibration backing on them.  Did you get a 
look at yours before they went on?  Maybe the disc preparation is more 
responsible for my squeal-lessness than the pads are.  Still, I highly 
recommend the Pagids if you can get them.  Tecstar and Jurrid are good 
alternate brand$.  

Jeremy R. King
1986 VW Quantum GL5
Audi at Heart

On Sat, 2 Dec 1995 LToy@aol.com wrote:

> >I'm on my second set of Pagids.  They're German made, stop well, and are 
> >very quiet (don't squeal).  I'm really suprised they aren't mentioned 
> >much on this list.  They are perfect for everyday and even hard street 
> >driving.
> Yes the Pagids are great pads, but as mentioned, difficult to find for the
> Audi.  Ned (IA) was my source, but like his chips, you pay a premium price.
>  I talked with a major P-car 
> outlet for Pagids;  they couldn't find them for the Audi from either of their
> sources (and were told there were no sets avail in the US!)
> They are NOT quiet, at least not the RS4-2 (blue) compound I have.  They
> sound much like the Metro transit buses around here and get me quite a few
> comments from my passengers (esp the wife).  
> --ldt
> LToy@aol.com