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Re: 30-70 times for '93 90CS

I realize that a '93 90CS V6 is a *wee* bit different than
the UrQs for which the test was intended, but here's another
data point:

Car:      1993 90CS w/ 2.8L V6 (no quattro :-( ), dead stock
Temp:     approx. 32 deg/F
Humidity: approx. 70%

Pretty much level road, though not absolutely straight, averages
over several two-way runs:

30-70 MPH: 10.7s

For comparision:

30-50 MPH: ~5.2s
50-70 MPH: ~5.8s

(These don't all add up correctly 'cause I only did one or
two vs. five or six for the complete 30-70.)

Speed readings were taken from the climate control diagnostic
channel #17 (which reads in km/h). I have clocked this to be
almost dead-on, while the speedo reads approx. 3 MPH high
throughout the "operating range" (i.e. from first hash at 20
to "as fast as you dare go").