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Re: Bogus (?) Oil warning

At 11:39 AM 12/4/95 -0500, Barry P. Lewis wrote:
>There are two oil pressure sensors. The one by the filter is working
>all the time. The one in the block is switched in at 2000 RPMs.

*BING* The lightbulb goes on above my well scratched head...  I have
located and checked the sensor by the oil filter because of this, but
might you tell me where the other one is?  I'm still Bentley-less, no time
to actually locate one yet.

If I decide to disable it for the time being, does the
"low-pressure" one work at high RPM's, or will I lose high-pressure
sensing untill I fix the old one?

Thanks a million. (but don't fill out the deposit slip yet.)