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Re: Fuel Injection Book

 Bob.Damato@snetel.com writes:

 BD> The Bosch fuel injection book is terrific. If interested Ill post the 
 BD> ISBN# etc.  Dont have it with me tho...its at home.

 BD> Covers CIS, Pulsed etc, and real Audi 'friendly'

 BD> Bob

    Plus, as an added bonus, it's got a really nice picture of a 
    Quattro tearing up the track on the back cover.

   Also, while we're discussing books, I was wholely disappointed
   with the Brooklands Audi Quattro "Gold Portfolio" that 
   someone on here recommended before. It's shabbily printed,
   (looks like someones old Xerox copies) NO color except
   on the cover (even that pictures' been badly chopped) and
   the articles are repetitive & almost exclusively from English
   rags.  I did better with a ten minute search of magazines
   at my local library, and the fiche copies at 5 cents a page
   look just as good. At $25 plus another $5 for shipping, I
   expect MUCH more from a "book". If I wanted to settle
   for second best, I'd be driving a BMW instead of an Audi!


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