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Fuel Injection Book

>Hi all. I was at Borders (big book store) here in DC on
>Saturday, and came across a Haynes "Fuel Injection Manual"
>(or something like that). Seemed pretty generic, but
>did have some info on the CIS systems. Some of you have
>referred to a fuel injection book that covers the CIS
>systems and makes a nice complement to the Bentley. Is
>this it??

There is a book called Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management that was
written by a guy named Charles O. Probst in S.A.E.  It is blue and has a
picture of a hotwire air mass sensor on the cover.  It was published by
Bentley (if you can believe it).  It is well written and covers CIS well.
That book by Haynes may be ok, but it's not the one others speak of.  This
book would be good for any car enthusiast because it covers fuel burn
stoichiometry and oxygen sensors very well.  

The only downside is that after reading it, you may gain an appreciation for
why Audi fuel injection parts are so expensive :)

 - Mitch Loescher