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Re: Shade tree mechanics

Tess!  Don't give up yet, the first time is by far the worst!  I remember
changing the oil the first time on my '88 90Q and it taking about two hours.
After 4 (!!!?) years of practice, I can do the whole job in about 30
minutes.  And don't worry about the stuff getting stripped, most of mine are
and they don't seem to fall off (and I think they strip the first time you
take them off anyway).  I still keep the belly pan because it keeps the
engine a lot cleaner.

Now, if you can change the @*(#$(*@ air filter, you can upgrade your
Official Shade Tree Mechanic badge! :) .........SLM

>Okay, so I changed the earl & earl filter on my '88 80Q this weekend - 
>FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!  (And I've actually gotta confess that I did it 
>myself because I was too embarrassed to have anyone else see what my oil 
>looks like.)   So, since I discovered it requires taking off an 
>entire body panel and finding the little rubber hex nuts way the hell 
>up in the wheel wells, does that qualify me as an Official Shade Tree 
>The second question is:  am I being stupid?  Do you usually let someone 
>else do it for you?  The screws were all stripped, so it seemed whoever 
>has done it before has not been very patient about getting the panel off...
>Tess (lookin' for drips in Seattle) McMillan