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Re: Bogus (?) Oil warning

my 86 coupe gt does the same thing, but only stops if i drop below 2k 
rpm or push in the clutch.  i always check the oil, but it is ok.  i 
suspect the low pressure oil sensor is the problem (vs the high pressure 
oil sensor of which there is one also).
check this out!
phil slaughter

On Mon, 4 Dec 1995 erolflyn@interaccess.com wrote:

> After a hard run, the oil warning light (and don't fergit the buzzer)
> comes on in my '84 4ks at 2050RPM.  What the hell?
> No matter what gear I'm in, outside temp, when the car is warm, at 
> off or speed up, it turns off.   
> It has happened with 10W-40, 5W-50, and 10W-30 oils.  I always use
> Mobil-1.  The Oil pressure does not fluctuate when this is happening, 
> so I don't think it's mechanical.  It also does not happen if
> the car is in neutral and RPM's are 2050...
> Does anyone have a clue???  Why would the oil pressure sender be wired
> to the tach?
> TIA,
> Chris
> '84 4ks
> '70 Norton Commando
> '87 Virago