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Re: 5k Steering Grinding <<?>>

> Now, I've got a heavy grinding sound and feel when turning the wheel,
> like the wheel is interfering wiht something - except it isn't.
> The steering shaft seems to be spring loaded ... I can push the
> wheel away from me and it will move perhaps 1/2" toward the dash.
> When it's pushed forward like this, the grinding noise goes away.
> I don't know if the wheel had this 1/2" spring load effect before 
> or not, I never noticed it before.
> I've had the steering wheel off and on a couple of times, and the grinding
> noise/feel is apparently coming from something on the steering shaft
> down in the dashboard.
> Any ideas or suggestions?  I'm going to dive into the Bently manual,
> and start taking things apart if I can't figure anything else.
> I'm actually a bit afraid that something will catch and interfere with
> the steering while I'm driving ...
IME the cause is one of two things.  Since you just replaced the switch 
module I'm thinking that it is not positioned properly on the column.  I 
leave the clamp loose at first and slide the switch unit up and down the 
column until I get to the point where there is no grinding noise when I 
turn the wheel and the horn works ... then I tighten down the clamp fully.
The other possibility is that the steering column itself has come loose.  
As you suspect, there is a spring that attempts to force the wheel toward 
the driver's chest.  The column is kept in place by a yoke that is splined 
to the steering rack.  When I replaced the rack I did not press the yoke 
fully down on the rack and I got a grinding noise very similar toi the one 
you describe.  In your case the yoke may have come loose at some point.

... should be a pretty easy one to remedy.  Hope this helps!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)