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Noisy Valves

Sorry Guys, can't tell from my Bentley (nor my Hayes), & I haven't looked in
the archives....

In the 5 cyl's do the Oil Filter brackets have a by-pass valve (for when the
oil filter is to clogged, and output pressure too low).  If so, would a
sticking by pass valve cause clatter under circumstances of 1) a filter with
more than a few miles on it, or 2) when the oil is cold and viscous.  Is this
a potential fix for some of those clattering 5's out there (mine was the
lifters indeed).

If the bracket does not have a by-pass valve (some makes aparently don't),
then the oil filter should, and in some after-market apps - so I'm told - the
by pass valves aren't too good (or are non-existant), and cold viscous oil is
forced to travel through the filter, and out put pressure thus is low, until
it warms up.  If this is the situation in the 5's, perhaps some of those
clattering valves are due to filters with sup-par by-pass valves...

Comments, or should I go to the archives...

Larry, 5kSQ