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Re: Those whacky germans

              DHale, I too have a 4KSQ, yr... `85.
        I`m also interested in max wheel size, but who makes a 16x9 for 
     theese vehicles?
     Also, does the article in Sport Compact have any specific info about 
     the 312Bhp 4kq as far as how they got that kind of power?
     One last note, depending on where you are, an other good source for 
     items such as H&R springs is Keith Anderson at the Quattro Garage
     in the Min/St.Paul area........... 612.937.8639
             thanx, tcandey@usr.com


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Subject: General Quattro Stuff
Author:  Polidori1@aol.com at Internet
Date:    12/4/95 10:01 PM

Howdy All:
Have been reading the list for months now, and thought I would make a few 
Quattro related comments.
Scott VanAlstine asked about max wheel size for the 4KCSQ.  I only have 15x7s 
on mine (TSW Hockenheims), but the German 'Reiger' catalog shows a 4K with 
16X9s and 215/40 -16s.  Those whacky germans!  
The new issue of Sport Compact has a small article about the "Gorman Rally", 
and notes that the field was "blown away" by a 312 Bhp Audi 4000 Quattro.
  No pictures :(
I don't want to violate list etiquette, but if you need H&R springs or some 
shocks for your Audi and don't want to pay full retail, then call Ken at 
Checkered Flag Automotive here in San Diego (619.589.0321).  No, I'm not him, 
but I bought my springs from him.  
Finally, I want to attend the Virginia City Hillclimb this next year.  Any 
comments from other Quattro drivers regarding this??