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5k wagon for sale

Regarding the 5k for sale:

I have to agree with Matthew on this one. It seems odd that someone wouldn't
put a $10 hose on a car they were trying to sell (and a battery). The auto
transmissions were horrible '84-87 so I would not want to buy this w/o a
test drive. Other things to look out for:

Leaky or noisy steering rack
noisy lifters (today's hot topic)
Heater core (turn the heat on check for smell like antifreeze) also look for
stains on the passenger foot well
Electrical (windows, seats etc..)
Exhaust manifold, very common. Not fatal, but makes the car sound "old"
or not taken care of. Not bad if the noise goes away quickly as the car
warms up. 

I might offend I few people out there, but I don't think '84-85 5k's were
the best years. I would look for something a little newer maybe with higher
mileage. (translation: a lot of the "big ticket" items will have been
replaced already. Personally, I would rather buy a car with 90k rather than
60k. Mileage is pretty much irrelevant in terms of the engines in these
cars) Good luck !!

Bob Dunne
'90 200T