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Re: Audi Manual Transmission

"Christopher G. Gharibo, M.D." <gharic01@mchip00.med.nyu.edu> said:
 I have a '91 Audi Coupe with 30,000 miles.  How often does the manual 
transmission fluid need to be changed on this type of car?

The official Audi position (at least per my '89 100Q owners manual) is that 
the manual trans oil (synthetic, hypoid) NEVER needs to be changed.  Really! 
In any case I just changed mine for the first time at 145,000 miles.  Maybe 
they're right because I don't notice any difference -- I thought it would help 
my sticky shifting from stop but that's probably bad syncros.  Paid the dealer 
$25/quart for 3 quarts of the stuff.  

Doran Howitt  '89 100Q
IDD Information Services
Livingston, NJ 07039 USA
201 740 2605