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Re: 4K/Coupe Headlights

> 	   I have an '87 4k with Hella square headlights that are gutless;
>    the brights are hardly more noticeable than the regular lights and they're
>    dimmer than those on our '93 Eurovan. In fact the Audi brights are dimmer than
>    the regular lights on the EV. SO.....what are the very best replacement head-
>    lights for my 4K and where do I get them??
> Before you do *ANYTHING* else, measure the voltage across the bulbs. Not
> the voltage from bulb "+12" to ground . . . but across the two bulb ter-
> minals. If you're not seeing 12 volts or greater, it's a waste of time
> trying to put it laser cannon or anything. Fix the wiring first.
> I've got "standard" Hellas, and they do a fair imitation of lighting up
> the night. Once I rewired the ****ing stock Audi wiring to increase the
> light's drive voltage from 9.6 or so to 12 (11.8 at idle, I think it was,
> way back whenever) volts...
> 					-RDH

As my electronics knowledge is iffy, at best, could you describe exactly 
where/how you are measuring?  Are you measuring across the bulb's terminals
with the bulb in and on, or across the power-gnd lines with the bulb out?  
Did you run two relays, one for each headlight?
(See, just enough knowledge to be dangerous...)  


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