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Re: Buy '85 5000 S Wagon? Too Good 2B True?

Thanks to everybody who sent me e-mail in response to my post.  I got 
nine responses, including a couple which were quite detailed.  

I'm going to pass on the wagon.  Several responses pointed out the costs 
associated with repairing the electrics and the doors, which are of 
concern, as the current owners unsuccessfully attempted their own 
self-repair on the doors and windows.  From the comments I got, the 
automatic transmission is also a weakness.  And from the beginning I 
wasn't sure that 110-hp and an automatic transmission were a good 
combination for a big wagon.  

It also sounds like the late '80's was a much better time for Audi than 
the mid-80's.  

This list is clearly active and helpful.  It certainly helped me.  Thanks again.


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