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Re: Unintended Acceleration/Media Hype

At 04:03 PM 12/5/95 -0800, you wrote:
>Fellow Audians; to the person who raised the issue of unintended 
>acceleration/media hype - Don't believe us - we're a bunch of rabid Audi
>:). Head down to your local library, hit the archives and please read the 
>following articles: DRIVER ERROR, Car & Driver, July 1989, pgs. 71-78; PUTTING 
>THE BRAKES ON UNINTENDED ACCELERATION, Automobile Magazine, July 1989, pgs. 
>74-79, THE RIDDLE OF UNINTENDED ACCELERATION, Road & Track, February 1988,
>53-59. You may also be interested in the NHTSA' report #DOT-HS-807-367, write 
>to: National Technical Information Service, Springfield, Virginia 22161. With 
>the possible exception of the NHTSA report, these articles should clear up any 
>issues you may have. Because this is a public forum and because my mom
>that my brother and I be gentlemen AT ALL TIMES, NO MATTER THE
>am witholding the additional page(s)I could easily write about the scum (sorry 
>Ma, it just kinda slipped out) at 60 Minutes. Greg

Whatsamatta, Greg?  Did we wake up Grumpy today?  :-)  Maybe we shoulda let
him (Grumpy) sleep?  :-)

Hey, seriously, that old 60 Minutes show sure created a lot of phony stir
about our beloved audimobiles.  But maybe we can look at it this way:  the
bad (but phony) publicity is at least part of what allows us to purchase
some exceptionally fine used Audis for bargain basement prices.  I may be in
the market for another one in a year or two.  Maybe we should get 60 Minutes
to run another Audi program?  :-)

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