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>To: "D. Noonan" <bb31094@caddynet.bushwoodcc.com>
>From: mryan@adan.kingston.net (Michael Ryan)
>Subject: Re: 
>>Hi there everyone. This is my first submission to this mailing list. 
>>Heard, from a friend, that you all wrer into 4 x 4s. Is that what Quattro 
>>  I got a 1984 Ford F-150 4 x 4.  I took it to a mechanic friend of mine 
>>for this noise it has been making.  It sounds like a shot gun going off 
>>because it backfires.  Anyone know what could be wrong?  My mechanic 
>>friend told me that it needed a new Flexor Valve.  What do you all think? 
>>  I hope to hear from somebody soon.  I have got some other friends with 
>>4 x 4s that might find this list usefull.  I'll let then know about it.
>>Thanks alot, Dan
>Sorry, I think you have stumbled into the wrong place.
>Yes, Quattro is a 4 x4 but nothing close to a Ford F-150.
>Good Luck --- Somewhere Else