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Re: Dorf 4X4

On Tue, 5 Dec 1995, William Murin wrote:

> Fellow audi-ers:
> We've been had.  Took a look at the address of Mr. 4X4 after my server 
> bounced it.
> Any Bill Murray and gopher fans out there?
> 	D. Noonan (Danny noonan) was a caddy in the movie
> 	caddynet
> 	Bushwoodcc--the country club where the movie Caddy shack took place.
> For anyone lurking out there--we are not buying bridges from Brooklyn or 
> any other place, nor are we buying swamp land anywhere.

heh heh.  it was a poorly executed flame bait because it was not cross
posted to any of the 4X4 lists/groups.  flaming 4X4's here is like
brushing teeth... completely routine.  maybe the person read the
archives and saw my flames... :)  nice try.  next time, have a Bcc:
to the 4X4 groups..