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Intermittent Intermittentency (HELP)

200TQ Wagon: Well, this might actually be somewhat fascinating...
1. Recently experiencing problems with rear windshield wiper; it decided to
fully halt operation.
2. Noticed that right light bulb wasn't that bright (recently installed "off
road use only" bulbs keeping STOCK harness).
3. Temperature gauge is permenantly cold (aka, doesn't work) yet is still

Partial solution: Apparently, I didn't snap the lock into place correctly
when installing new bulb. Of course, it was at night during rain wthout a
flashlight when I reached in to grab the assembly and "touched" the bulb.
Just waiting for that puppy to go snap crackle pop. In any case when I
reinstalled the bulb, the WIPER STARTED WORKING AGAIN!!!! 

Unfortunately, it will not go back off. It goes on, shoots water if you press
long enough, but the only way to get it off intermittent is to turn the car
off. Makes for an interesting morning-warm up the car, do the wipers, turn it
off, turn it on, drive to work.

Aint that weird? The Husky man sez I prob. need new equipment--gad!
 Apparently, there is a common ground (not Jesse Jackson's common ground...)
that is linked to the headlight. WHen it was incorrectly installed, the wire
must have been "grounded on itself" (?) or something... What do you all

ALSO-know no reason for temp gauge to halt. For a brief period after
reinstalling headlight, the temp gauge worked. Now it doesn't. Also, I
checked intermitt. relay, fuses for rear wiper, etc; things LOOK fine.

What is up?!