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diesel rules!

	I got your msg about bulletins a few days ago. I responded, but maybe 
the msg didn't get through. Having never heard of the hydro-cracking issue, I 
blissfully added nothing to the fuel except various anti-gel additives in the 
winter (but only when it got below ~10 deg. F). Maybe they have sulfur in 
them? In my response, I promised that I would check the VW bulletin list; I 
haven't yet because I just remembered that I gave it away (as I don't 
currently have any VWs). All of the diesels I had were well into the upper 
100k range (161k on the turbo, with no rebuild) before I sold them. 
	I will pursue this further, because I'm embarassed about not even 
having heard of this issue before.

'93 90csq