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Addresses Missing for Springs

Speaking of wastegate springs in my last post - here are a few folks
whose shipping address I don't have - that earlier told me they wanted
one of these springs:

	Jerry Fields	 Jerry.Fields@ccmail.adp.wisc.edu
	Alan Dowless     Alan.Dowless@sybase.com
	David Kavanagh   dak@raster.kodak.com
	John Winkelman   John=Winkelman%Law%Tek@banyan.BV.TEK.COM
	Mike Florence    mflorence@ccsmtpgw.trinzic.com

Some addresses bounce, and some just don't respond.  So if you guys
are still interested send me your shipto mail address.

Thanks for everybody else putting up with the bandwidth  :-)

    - Charlie

Charlie Smith   charlie@elektro.cmhnet.org  614-471-1418  
Columbus, Ohio USA

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