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Instrument Lights diagnostic

In a message dated 95-12-05 23:04:16 EST, you write:

>lso in the archives someone (Sorry can't remember) says that the clock
>lights (!!!) had to do something
>with the instrument panel lights going off intermittently ....

That was me.....  Do the following:  First ck to make sure the Licence plate
lights work if not replace them.....  Second, open the trunk and on the left
side you will see some wires going into the hinge tube of the trunk, ck those
for any broken or frayed wires (tends to fix back up lites too), then ck one
again.....  Third, ck the lights in the instrument panel....  They are small,
but a continuity ck across the bulb will find the culprit.....  Fourth, if
you still don't have lumination, take the bulbs out of the clock assembly one
at a time, and then ck your dash lites again.....