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Quattro Books

Brought in the two books that I have that are dedicated to the Audi 
Quattro ... gues the Lewandowski book would have qualified there too.  
There are some common themes between the two, as one might expect. 
Here is the publisher and table of contents information for each ...

"Audi Quattro" by Alan Henry, ARCO Publishing, Inc., New York (C) 1984
Library of Congress Catalog Card # 83-73408, ISBN 0 668 06144 8
156 pages, numerous B&W photographs and illustrations.

	Table of Contents
	Introduction (Michele Mouton)
 1	4WD predecessors
 2	Competition Work
 3	Quattro Development
 4	Making the Audi Quattro
 5	Audi Quattro - on the road
 6	The Audi 80 Quattro
 7	The Quattro Sport
 8	The Treser Quattro
 9	The Quattro triumph in the R.A.C. Lombard Rally
10	The Quattro in the USA
	Technical Data

"Audi quattro the development & competition history OR 'quattrophenia'"
by Jeremy Walton, Published by Book Club Associates by arrangement with
Haynes Publishing Group 1984 (I found no Lib of Cong or ISBN) 267 pages,
numerous B&W photographs and illustrations.

	Table of Contents
	Foreword by Hannu Mikkola
	Author's Introduction
 1	Who are Audi?
 2	The Quattro concept: catalyst & reality
 3	Born to compete
 4	Weighty progress
 5	Bizarre
 6	The Lady is a winner
 7	Spreading the legend
 8	Short sensation!
 9	Contagious Quattrophobia
10	Quattrophenia
11	1983: The tough one
APP 1	1984 Quattro action
APP 2	Mechanical specifications
APP 3 	Production & sales
APP 4	World championship rally record: 1981-1983 seasons

The Walton book has a chapter dedicated to the history of Audi, which
is missing from the book by Henry.  The Henry book dedicates an entire 
chapter to the production line in Ingolstadt; something that is covered
more cursorally in the Walton book.  The Walton book goes into more 
detail about the racing history of the quattro, and in general seems to 
give more in-depth coverage then the Henry book.  

Any other thoughts or books out there?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)