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Re: 1990 Coupe Quattro, more power, squeeky hatch

on tuesday, 5 dec 1995 you asked...

more power to the coupe????  

solutions: 1. cheapest. learn to use rpms...the 20V motor does not hit its
              torque/hp peak until about 4k rpm....
           2. Most satisfying.  turbo 20v motor from an s4, or a 200. should
              cost in the neighborhood of $10k.
           3. Others.  chips??  save your money.

                        K&N filtercharger ??  will gain a couple of hp
                        cams & extrude-honing the intake manifold will gain
                        alot more hp, but Schrick cams are $$$
                        stroking the motor to 2.5 liters??? Eurorace is supposed
                        to come out with a kit.  Opening a motor will really 
                        cost $$$ and down time...

          4.  sell the coupe and buy an 86-89 5000. replace the leaky steering
              rack.  fix the broken turn signal switch.  fix the power window
              switches.  send money to Ned at IA.  install new ECU.  send money
              to scott (PDQSHIP) for one of his turbo kits...

That wraps up the power questions...

question 2
squeaky hatch.

solution. the hatch itself has two "bumpers".  they are similar to the stem
          on a bicyle, where you loosen a binder bolt, then adjust the height.
          in this case the "binder bolt" is a recessed hex bolt (6-8mm???).  Open 
          the hatch, look into the bumper- try a hex wrench til you have the right
          size.  loosen the bolt. pull the bumper out a little (count the ridges
          so that your'e consistent on both sides. Don't pull it out more than a
          few millimeters, otherwise that hatch won't close.

          BTW, you may have to adjust this periodically, since "slamming the hatch"
          will eventually push the bumper back in.

Any more Coupe Q problems??? e-mail me directly!

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro