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Quattro Plates

       I tend to agree with Phychos' are Us;

           A personalized license plate, although cute and will get some chuckl
es, is too easily remembered by police officers or disgruntal citizens (on the
rare occasion you were doing triple digits for the speed limit or something of
that nature, but not that I would know anything about that)...while, normally i
ssued (scrambled, meaningless numbers and letters) plates go mostly unnoticed.
That way when a person sees you breaking the law they will just shrug it off li
ke, "That lunatic!" instead of picking up the cellular phone and narcing on you
....so be warned.  I obey the speed limit in my uncle's flashy Mercedes 500SEC
with Florida plates that read "BUCO"...his nickname....for Buco...like Buccanee
r, or cowboy.  That one people could easily remember!