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cbs 60 mins: fate & suit

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    05-Dec-95 23:04 CST
Sb: Re: Unintended Acceleration/Media Hype Fm: William Murin >
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...any chance we can get CBS to do another programs.  I'd really like an S4/S6
but just cannot handle the $35,000 price.>>

Dont tempt fate! The Audi gods might hear you. Seriously though, I dont think
the Audi management could take another onslaught like that again - they would
be out of here, leaving us with a bunch of "alfas" or "peugots".

As to a counter suit - they looked very carefully. If you ever get the chance
to review the 60 mins segment, you will see that they were careful to appear to
be reporting the "news", sort of like the National Enquirer does. In its
context, the 250 million of us generate plenty of weirdos' and the 60 min
article falls into the economic consequences of this.

Must say though, I go a hell of a deal on my 4kq in 1986, just because the
great unwashed put the tag on every model even without the slush box!

Now is also a good time to pick up a Cadillac, if you can bear it!

Bill Murin




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