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Lic. Plate

If I was to get one of those "personal plates" (not a bad idea since the $$
goes to the fund the enviroment etc. here in WA) it would read:


I think that pretty well says it. BTW, what does everyone else pay for the
pleasure of driving an Audi? I'm talking about vehicle registration...or tabs.
Here in Washington, I payed $464 last year to the state to own/drive my niffty
little CQ...OUCH!! They base it on retail value of the car then depreciate it
some % each year after...ya right...don't get me started...I would think the
$$ the WASP generates in tickets would be more than enough...like I said,
don't get me started!

90 90CQ 39K
90 FZR1000 (boy, I gotta plan a trip to Montana.....Zooom...|^)

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