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strange power loss in 84 4000sq

I've got this strange problem in my 4000 (yes, yet another).
Here's the scenario: driving down the road at say 40mph in 
4th gear, need to make a right hand turn onto entrance ramp
at roughly 90 degree angle to my road.  So I brake slightly,
downshift to third, turn into the curve and apply throttle.
(maybe not the ideal driving technique, but you get the
picture I'm sure).  The problem is this - I feel that I'm losing 
power when I apply the throttle with the wheel turned.  When
I straighten out the wheel coming out of the turn I can
feel the power coming on again.

Any idea what this might be?  All I can think of is CV joints, but
they sound fine.  Or maybe something in the quattro system?

As a test, I went out to a dry parking lot and did tight 360 turns.
In first gear, with gentle throttle, it was fine, but shift to
second and apply more throttle and I could feel the loss
of power.  In fact, with the clutch out at say 2500 rpm, if I 
pushed the clutch in the revs would jump to 4500-5000rpm.  So
it seems that something is sapping power in the drivetrain.

Thanks for any advice.

| Dan |
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