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Re[2]: Quattro Plates

     Sometimes, confronted by the bulk of my
     200 TQW, I think of


     Tom F.

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Subject: Re: Quattro Plates
Date:    12/7/95 6:54 AM

>how about:
>SNOPROB (as in "(s)'no(w) problem")
>60 MINS

ORRrrr... maybe one of these perhaps?

ACHTUNG         Achtung  (Attention in German)
4DOORC4       Four door Carrera 4
 5BANGR       Five Banger (engine reference)
 VNDABAR       Wundebar?(wonderful in German)
  WHOOSH        Whoosh!!  (turbo reference)
 ATOBAHN        Autobahn
  NSTYAUD       Nasty Audi
  NSTYFST       Nasty Fast
  ALLFORZ       All Fours (a quattro reference)
  CMEPASU        See Me Pass You
  RAPIDO        Fast (in Spanish)
 TESORO         Treasure (in Spanish)
 1FSTAUD       One Fast Audi
 4MYJOY         For My Joy
 UBENPSD        You've been passed
 QUATTRO        (you figure it out)
  YASKY         Why Ask Why
  ZOOM N        Zoom'n
  NDALIFT       Need A Lift?
 SCHNELL        Fast (in German)
  RUAWKYT       Are You Awake Yet?
 MTNCLMR        Mountain Climber
  JSTSAOW       Just Say Ow!
   JSTPSDU      Just Passed You
  ZEBOOST       The Boost! (with German flair)
 GO4DOOR        Go four door
  AXSELR8       Accelerate
  WHY           FLY Why Fly?
  4k2DFLR       4000 to the Floor
 OVRREVD         Over Reved (RPM ref)
  2THRILL       To Thrill
  CLOUD9        DUH!
 GR8RIDE        Great Ride
  GR8FUN        Great Fun
 AUDI4ME        Audi For Me
  CUBRFLY       See you briefly

  Hope you enjoyed that.  ;)

  Drive on!