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Re: 1990 Coupe Quattro, more power, squeeky tail

> Unka Bart pipes up (as he is wont to do on occasion):
> >Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart would like to offer the suggestion, encountered
> >frequently on another list (whose name shall remain forever unspoken)
> >[anarchy list?] that suggests that the best place to put your money first
> >is in driving lessons, such as driver's ed events run by many marque-speci
> >clubs.  Even Eric would probably agree, if I mind my manners here, neh?

So would I be correct in guessing that my helpful unk has never spent 
more than 10 minutes lumbering a '90-1 2.3 Coupe around town? Yes, it
can't be beat with a skillful driver (except of course by other fine 
Audi/driver combos) on the autobahn, corners, traffic circles, ice, snow, 
rain, etc. etc. etc., but it is so anemic from a dead start because of 
its weight, gearing and torque curve that a 4 door Blazer can easily best 
it. If your advanced driving school has driving methods that can, say 
equalize the 0-60 advantage an S car has over let's say a Datsun 510 that 
do not involve 5000rpm clutch dumps or other abuse, I'd like their phone 
number, and a refund from the others. Agreed, driver training is first 
and foremost in importance, but it only goes so far, no?