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Re: A4 Chip

   I have read that there will be a chip available for the A4 soon.  I am   
   interested in the possibility of using a chip to improve the A4's   
   performance.  However, I am concerned about the warranty.  I assume that   
   replacing the PROM will void the warranty.  Can anyone confirm this?   

Oh yes yes yes. You touch it, you void it.

    Also, can the PROM be switched back if I need any warranty service, or   
   is their some type of seal on the chip so that the dealership would know   
   that an aftermarket PROM was used.

It will be obvious to anyone who looks, but I can't imagine anyone actually
taking the time to look unless there is some really obvious reason to, like
wondering what that aftermarket turbo is doing hanging off the exhaust mani-