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New owner and subscriber

Hi all,

As an Audi owner on the second day I searched the net to see if I could find any 
information, newsgroups or mailing lists. So you know the rest, and here I am as a new 
subscriber to the Quattro mailing list. I hope I can contribute to the list in the 
future, and of course I also hope all you Audi veterans out there can help a newbie 
when needed. Anyway, I feel very comfortable knowing that all this knowledge and 
information are just some keystrokes away :-)

My new pride is a '93 Audi S4 Avant. I have been looking around for a car like this 
for several weeks, and finally found the one I wanted. It has all available factory 
options except the six-speed gearbox. I wanted this originally, but never found a car 
with this option that I liked. So, thinking "you can't get it all", I got this one and 
guess I will never regret that.

Anyway, I have a couple of questions someone might be able to answer:
1. The original Audi Gamma stereo is replaced by a Blaupunkt Heidelberg RDS. With this 
stereo, I don't get the RDS information displayed on the information screen on the 
dashboard. Is it possible to connect this up with an aftermarket stereo, or does it 
just work with the Audi Gamma or Bose systems?

2. My car is "chip-tuned", and should have about 265HP according to the dealer. They 
didn't know much about this, other than that the car is TuV approved from Germany with 
documents saying it has a maximum output of 197 kilowatts. What does "chip-tuning" 
mean? Is it just replacing one or more ROM's, without doing anything else? 
One of the cars I tested was tuned in a different way. It was a lot stronger on low 
revs, and the turbo pressure was higher. You could also hear the turbo quite clearly 
on that one, something I never experienced on any of the others I tried. The owner 
said it had about 280HP. How can I get this kind of engine performance, with a lot 
more torque at lower revs? Is this also a "chip-tuning" thing? Does it wear out the 
engine or the turbo faster?

I really appreciate any answer, and look forward to participate in the quattro mailing 

/KAS               _\\|//_
                   ( O-O )
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