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Re: Need V8Q Tire & Rim

> I'm concerned here about the fact that the tires are
> about a 1/4 of the way worn and how the ABS and 
> Quattro systems will handle a tire with a different 
> circumference then the others ?
> Should I be looking to buy 2 new tires for the front ?
> or will that still mess up ABS and Quattro ?

Good question.  All the published advice I've seen (including, I think, my 
quattro owner's manual) says all four tires should be the same size and tread 
pattern, or ABS and/or quattro may be damaged.  So what must one do for a 
blowout, buy four new tires?

> I've started calling some boneyards locally, but they
> don't inventory tires :-( which means I have to go there
> and physically go thru the pile :-(

Most tire stores carry used tires and can tell you on the phone what they 
have.  In NJ, the going price is $25 mounted, no matter what it is.

Doran Howitt  '89 100Q
IDD Information Services
Livingston, NJ 07039 USA
201 740 2605