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Re: Bogus (?) Oil warning -Reply

At 01:40 PM 12/8/95 -0500, PramS4@aol.com wrote:
>The reason I suspected that it is the low oil pressure sensor is that the
>pressure gauge inside the car does show normal operating range for the car.
> However when I use the Syntec 5W-50, it always shows significantly lower
>reading when the engine is hot compared to Penzoil Performax 5w-50, Mobil 1
>15w-50 and especially Redline 15w-50.  The Redline seem to show on average
>slightly higher oil pressure (engine hot) at idle rpm.  And so far I never
>encountered this problem anymore (last 6k) with Redline 15w-50.

I always run Mobil-1...  When I ran 15W-50, the problem never came about, but
as soon as I switched to Mobil-1 10W-30 for winter, it started happening.
I'm pretty sure it's the hi-pressure oil sensor, either kicking in too
early, or just malfunctioning slightly...  Reading a little too low, I
dunno...  This weekend ought to tell the tale... I'm going to replace it, in
spite of the 5" of snow and -20 temps...

>How is it that you suspect the bearings?

That someone elses response, to what, I have NO idea what bearings have to do
with oil pressure.....