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Thanks/Denver Mechanics?

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for help on the rotors/pads
for my 91 coupe quattro .  Unfortunately, the car was on the lift and I
didn't have the time to shop around, so I had to let the dealer go ahead and
do it.  NEVER AGAIN!  The markup was ridiculous.  $700 for a "tune-up" and
rear rotor/pad replacement :(.  Live and learn.  I wish I had found out about
your group a little earlier.  Next time around I will shop around for the
parts and have an independent do the work.  This brings me to my next
Can anyone recommend a good mechanic who's experienced with coupe quattros in
the Denver, Lakewood or Boulder, CO area?  I live in Boulder and work in
Golden.  Thanks again for your help.

Paul, sick of dealers in Colorado
'91 CQ