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Re: Audi Stationwagon

The answers to your questions are "no" and "no".  If I remember correctly 
Audi teamed up with Porsche engineering and did a relatively short run of 
really high performance wagons.  Dont remember the price but memory says 
that it was about as expensive as it was fast.  Dont think Audi ever had 
any plans to bring them to the States.  Platform(again from memory) was 
the 80/90 sized chassis not the 100/S4 size.  Only thing in the states 
even close is the full size '95 S6 wagon.  Les than 1000 built and 
stickered at about $48,000.  

Better information will no doubt be forthcoming shortly from more 
informed members of the list.  consider this the appetizer.

Bill Murin

On Fri, 8 Dec 1995 Lynn098@aol.com wrote:

> I recall an article in the past 2 years about a super hi-performance Audi
> Stationwagon sold only in Europe.  Can it now be purchased in the USA ?  Can
> it be recreated in some reasonably economical way?