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Re: cold feet...fresh air flap???


You wrote:
During the morning to to work, I wanted to warm my feet.  So I switched
the Climate Controller to "bi-level".

Warm /hot air in my face.  I then tried the "auto" setting.  same thing.

tried "econ" ...ditto.  I could hear or feel a difference in the air flow
in any of the settings, save for "def".  That appeared to work ok.

So..am I being affected by the broken spring/recirculating flap malady???

What's the easiest way to proceed on my car.  Any 80/90 or Coupe Quattro
owners experience the same problem??
I had a similar problem at the beginning of this year, when it just started
to get warm out, but it was noticable on cold (about 0 deg C.) days....The
heat would just keep pumping, and I would have to turn the heat off, and back
on again when the car became too cold.

Then, in the spring, I asked the advice of our "listers", and they suggested
to first spray silicone on the gears that regulate the temperature within the

I pulled out the center dash, including the radio portion in order to access
as much as I could, then sprayed a long toothed white piece of plastic (about
3 inches long) running from left to right (when in the driver's seat) with
the spray, and also pulled out the plastic cover under the glovebox. Pulling
out this cover isn't really necessary, but it gives you extra working space.
I then sprayed the region quite liberally (about 5-10 seconds) with the tube
attatchment on the spray. You should look for the two squarish heater vents
on the right side of the center console near the glovebox, stick the nozzle
up above and a little to the left, then try changing the settings - hot,
cold, auto, def, etc..

Also, you should try diagnosing the Bentley corresponding faults with the a/c
controler...If you need the codes and procedures, e-mail me...

I hope it helps!

Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro, 65Kmi (Excellent seat heaters!)
1986 Chevy Caprice, 300+Kmi, (Up and running!! (and kicking ****!) Just
passed NJ State Inspection today, with *no* modifications or extra emission