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Snow Tire Suggestions

On snow tires - yes, they can make a large difference if you
like to continue to drive agressively.

Go look at your local police department's cruisers - and at your
state police or highway patrol cruisers.  Those guys expect to have
to drive fast whatever the weather!  They usually have real good
tires on the cruisers - possible exceptions being small towns.

That's where I got the tip for the tires I'm running.  I'm a volunteer
police officer in Columbus Ohio - and thus drive their cruisers from
time to time.  When it's not my tread I'm wearing out, it's fun to
sail around freeway loops with great abandon  :-)

A few years ago I noticed they were running Goodyear
Eagle M&S tires on all 4 corners - these are a steel radial with
very coarse tread, but they go around corners real well.

I'm now on my second set - the only problem is that Goodyear
isn't making the right sizes any more - you will have to get
a dealer to look around for left overs.

    - Charlie

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Columbus, Ohio USA

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