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One liners

From: Joe Yakubik
Subject: A few short responses:

I've been away for a while and will add a few random comments

Flexor valve:  30 weight prestone (synth?) and some ball bearings -- Fletch
License fees:  US military assigned to Germany $15/year---Good deal
		(1,000,000 DM in liability insurance mandatory) Bad deal
Speed limiter:  '91 200 TQW stock, US spec.  135 mph uphill  (H-rated tires - 
		(speed got away for minute) must be a REAL high limit
Cell phone: blue/black wire is (probably) ACC+12v, check by pulling fuse?
	    gray is maybe radio mute, dunno for sure
Euro-Phone Compatibilty:  ain't no such animal as a *low cost* Euro phone
CD player: if the Bose has CD controls and is Blaupunkt, try a Blaupunkt CD
changer.  Crutchfields $379/429 (disclaimer) Might need an adapter, 	though
Bob: The *Bob-fest* (real event in Colorado) has been cancelled.  Something 
	about the spirit of *Bob-ness* being lost.  Sorry Bobs & pseudo Bobs
Lights: good info in Hella's catalog on relays & lights (disclaimer) $3.
Compares light output to voltage.  Also has P/N for factory items.
Fog lights: I thought fog lights are supposed to be low & diffused to avoid 
	vision-reducing reflections off of the fog.
Quattro articles: Quattro bibiliography in QCUSA's Spring '94 offering