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driving on snow

We've got our 1st major snow fall.  My q performs quite well on 
straight take-off.  But I am somewhat disappointed with cornering.  I 
experienced more skidding than what I would expect from my q, with 4 new 
Goodyear eagle aquatreds.

Question - when cornering, is it better to drop to lower gear and 
maintain a higher rpm, or remain in higher gear and let the rpm 
drops ?  ie: which way does the "q" system work better ?

How about neutral ?  I suppose "q" system won't have any effect when 
the car is in neutral.  If that is the case, when approaching a stop 
( on snow)  would it be better to left trans. in gear and apply brake 
until the car is so slow that one has to step on the clutch ?

I suppose stepping on the clutch would be like neutral, which will 
negate the "q" system.


Solomon Ngan <sngan@netaccess.on.ca>
  '93 100s
  '90 90q20v
  '84 5ks