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4k gearbox swap - advice please!

Hi All,

Like the God of Old smote poor Job, so have the Audi gods frowned 
upon me:  "Ye foolish man, you thought fixing that exhaust manifold 
and broken studs was enough to appease us?  Sucker!  Ye must suffer 
more before ye shall enjoy your beast!"  And with that, my auto 
trans became an ATF fountain threatening to douse any road or parking 
place in sight...only my wallet runs dry...

SO, my question is this:  which transmissions are able to be swapped
for mine (1981 4k 5 cyl) without having to do any non-standard
stuff? Which models from which years?  Maybe it's time to drop the
slush-box and get serious, so both auto or manual suggestions would
be great.  I'm very limited here by what's around, but I need some
impartial advice (some mechanics will tell you anything about
compatibility, 'cos they don't pay for mistakes).

The car's going in tomorrow for the final prognosis (looking bad) so
if anyone can supply details soon that would be most appreciated.



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