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'92 100S questions: spark plugs, temp sensor

     Question 1:
     Is there anyone out there with '92 100s?  I am looking for a 
     confirmation of whether or not the S model has the external ambient 
     temperature sensor/display.  The manual documents it, but it's not 
     clear what models it comes with (it's shown on the instrument cluster 
     as the last display window below the self diagnostic LED display 
     showing "OK" if all is well).  I have never seen it work on my car, 
     but have definitely seen it working on a '93 100s.
     Question 2:
     Has anyone been able to find good prices on NGK tripple-electrode 
     spark plugs (part # BKUR6ET-10) for Audi V6?
     Thanks in advance,
     '90 100
     '92 100s